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Lubrication Systems

In addition to the Fuelling of rolling stock, vehicles can require other liquids, either as top up or full fluid changes.

Delivery installations again can be a simple Bunded IBC or a full delivery point.
Dispensing can include:

  • Lube oils
  • Engine
  • Gearbox
  • Final Drive
  • Engine coolants
  • Screen wash

Again all these items can be bulk monitored and managed or monitored and recorded at individual points.

These recording systems open the doors to a vast amount of information and control of fluids and vehicle servicing.

The recording of the dispensed liquids can be collated to build up a maintenance picture of a vehicle but also monitor the usage of the stored materials with functions that allow you to automatically re-order materials before you run out.

Fuelling and oil transfer systems range from simple mobile units to large multi-station complex delivery systems with large storage tanks, ensuring high speed servicing turnaround times.


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